Recognize the Characteristics of a Healthy Baby

Generally, assessment of healthy babies in terms of body weight. However, weight gain in infants is not the only benchmark of a healthy baby's condition. There are some other important signs that you recognize as a sign of a healthy baby. Fat babies do indeed look adorable, and often become a benchmark for healthy babies, but not necessarily. The condition of a healthy baby can be measured by a variety of things. Starting from the baby's weight gain, to social skills in interacting with others. To determine whether the baby is in a healthy state, the baby's condition needs to be considered from various sides. Get to know the features easily Here are ways you can recognize the characteristics of a healthy baby: Experience weight gain Weight gain is indeed a sign that the baby is growing healthy. Gradually, the baby's weight will continue to increase with age. You should regularly check with your doctor for health to know its growth and development well, includin
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